Freehold Township High School

You can find a number of places of interest in the Freehold New Jersey area. There are truly a lot of sights to see. You can check out the different historical areas in Freehold. You can also visit some shopping malls as well. You will surely have a lot of fun discovering more about the Freehold New Jersey area. Make sure that you have enough time in order to visit all of these tourist spots and places of interest. Also, you can check out the different school campuses in the area. This is to get an insight about the day to day life of the people in Freehold. You can see the various educational institutions that offer high quality education in Freehold. 


One of the most popular educational institutions in the area is the Freehold Township High School. This is a public high school that caters to students in the Freehold area, as well as other places within the vicinity. This is a highly accredited school that also offers high quality public education for high school students. For those who are interested in getting their high school education at Freehold Township High School, make sure to ask the school about their admissions system. This is ranked as 66th among all the public high schools in New Jersey. Therefore, you can definitely ensure the quality of education in this school in Freehold NJ.  


The great thing about Freehold Township High School is that it offers a wide variety of programs for high school students. This is to ensure that high school students also explore other fields in order to maximize their full potential. For instance, some students may choose one of the magnet programs, which is the Animal Botanical program. The courses offered under this program include agribiology during the first year. During the second year, they will be taking up floral and landscape training and design. During their third and fourth years, they will then be taking up an honors agricultural leadership course. This will definitely be applicable for those who want the added training in the field. The other magnet program is the Global Studies program. Here, the students can take various courses, including the modern global analysis course, comparative government and politics, political science, and a whole lot more. Students just really need to sign up for the best course that suits their interests and needs. 


Aside from these magnet programs, high school students can also join the athletics program. There are various sports programs featured in Freehold Township High School. These include soccer, baseball and hockey. As a matter of fact, the students from Freehold Township High School compete in the athletic conference within the northern part of Jersey. There are a lot of schools that also join the said conference. The soccer team and the baseball team also won championships in previous years. The hockey team of the girls has also held the championship cup for several years now. 


There are truly a lot of places of interest to see in Freehold NJ. Visit the Freehold Township High School to discover more about the area. 

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